The 13th Vilnius Cavalry Regiment Volunteer Cavalry Squadron Kielce Foundation is an organization of patriotic and educational, continuing the tradition of the 80th Kielce Scout Cavalry. The colors, customs, traditions and history of the 13th Vilnius Cavalry Regiment Kielce are represented in this way since 1982. A turning point for Lancers activity was the year of 2000, when the cavalry scouts - Lancers joined the civilians, Regimental Family, and soldiers of the Polish Army, starting the Association, which adopted the name; The 13th Vilnius Cavalry Regiment Kielce Volunteer Cavalry Squadron. Four years later, the foundation was created under the same name.

In 2004, simultaneously with the official registration of the Association activities, the existing Scout team was formed as the 13th Vilnius Cavalry Regiment Wanderers Scout Team, comprising senior scouts. All four operating entities: the Association, Foundation, Scout Team and Regimental Family work closely together, outlining one course of their activity stated in the statutory goals.

The 13 Vilnius Cavalry Regiment Kielce Volunteer Cavalry Squadron Foundation was formed on Regimental Day, July 25, 2008 and is the inheritor of the traditions of the 13th Vilnius Cavalry Regiment from Nowa Wilejka. The Foundation establishes its activities based on 90 years of historical tradition Vilnius Lancers, which represents and carries on their tradition.

The main originators and the initiators of the first organized volunteer cavalry formations in Kielce were:

Robert Mazur, originated from Opole, the Polish military enthusiast, hobbyist, a longtime instructor of the Scouting Association of the Republic (Poland) as far as a guiding leader, Eagle Scout, a recipient of the 13th Vilnius Cavalry Regiment commemorative officers' badge and the staff of cultural institutions. Since the 1980's, he has been associated with the movement of cavalry in Poland; the Cavalry Scout Team. The Member of the 141st Opole Scout Team and the 9th Malopolska Cavalry Regiment Scout Team Opole, belonging to unique Grey Ranks (Szare Szeregi) Scouting Association of the Republic (Poland), Opole Section. The Foundation Chairman and the Commander of the 13th Vilnius Cavalry Regiment Kielce Volunteer Cavalry Squadron, adjutant of the 13th Vilnius Cavalry Regiment Wanderers Scout Team Kielce. He has awarded the Bronze Medal of Merit for National Defense Medal and Tatar Dzelal ed Din.

Mariusz Kowalski, a historian, a longtime instructor of the Polish Scouting Association in the rank of Sub-scoutmaster, Eagle Scout, a recipient of the 13th Vilnius Cavalry Regiment commemorative officers' badge. He has been associated with scouting since 1975, and continuously the cavalry movement in Poland since 1982 through the first Polish scout team, which adopted the name of the 13th Vilnius Cavalry Regiment, which he was its team leader. The NCO of the 16th Airborne Battalion - amphibious assault, the elite 6th Airborne Brigade - Assault from Cracow. Also, the Vice President and Head of the13th Vilnius Cavalry Regiment Kielce Volunteer Cavalry Squadron and a team leader of the 13th Vilnius Cavalry Regiment Wanderers Cavalry Scout Team Kielce. He has  awarded the Bronze Medal of Merit for National Defense Medal and Tartar Dzelal ed Din.

Czeslaw Pajak, a follower of the Polish Army, Polish Army reserve soldier, a recipient of the 13th Vilnius Cavalry Regiment commemorative officers' badge. He has awarded the Medal of Tartar Dzelal ed Din. Also, a Volunteer Cavalry sergeant, second lieutenant of the 13th Vilnius Cavalry Regiment Kielce Volunteer Cavalry Squadron and training instructor of the Cavalry Squadron Kielce.

From left: Mariusz Kowalski Robert Mazur, Czeslaw Pajak

One of the fundamental principles of our organization is friendship and brotherhood. In doing so we consider the family, job, school responsibilities as a main priorities and then the work for the Squadron. As in prewar regiments there is also the Regimental Family in Kielce Cavalry Squadron, gathering lancers, their wives, children and people friendly with the squadron; all of them merging the squadron giving its stability, balance and harmony.

Our organization is an independent and apolitical formation, referring to the good Catholic values​​. Since the 11th of November 2006, pastoral services for the Kielce lancers have been performed by a priest, Colonel Adam Prus, a chaplain and pastor of the Garrison Church in Kielce.

Our Organization is not a Group of Historical Reconstruction, although we refer to the uniforms, weapons, traditions and customs of one of the oldest regiments of cavalry which was the 13th Vilnius Cavalry Regiment. We use historical uniforms as our official organization garment. We are not a group of people who plays in the military and war, thus completing the unfulfilled dreams of childhood. Also, we do not belong to a group of people for whom staging of battle scenes or any horse rides are only an opportunity to break away from family responsibilities, carefree spending time in the company of alcohol and similarly dressed colleagues. Performing our tasks, the Squadron of the Polish Cavalry, guided by the directives of the Polish horse riding tradition tries to represent proudly the city of Kielce and the Swietokrzyskie Region in the country and abroad, with aspirations to become one of the flagships of the Swietokrzyski Region.                     

Knowledge of the rules of the cavalry, the ability to ride a horse, a white weapon possession, knowledge of the history of the Regiment, participating in religious and state ceremonies, are standards for the Kielce Lancers duty. In addition to cavalry activities, our organization pursues higher goals, such as: education, hippotherapy and assistance to Poles living in Eastern Borderlands region. This is our mission which we want to truly fulfill - for the good of our country, the Swietokrzyskie Region, the Kielce residents and ourselves. We want to keep promises given our predecessors  during the XVI Congress of the Cavaliers of the Second Polish Republic in Grudziadz on August 22, 2004 when we received an honor and privilege to use the color and distinguishing features of the 13th Vilnius Cavalry Regiment from Major Zbigniew Makowiecki. This great award summaries the last 28 years of work; lancers scouts, soldiers, civilians, and so close to our heart, already deceased veterans of Kielce cavalry.

The Foundation considers the following objectives of its activities as the most important:

  1. Founding and carrying out for:
    • Associations - The 13th Vilnius Cavalry Regiment Kielce Volunteer Cavalry Squadron;
    • Central Cavalry Training Centre;
    • Volunteer Cavalry Reserve Cadets Schools
    • Coordinating activities of the 13th Vilnius Cavalry Regiment Wanderers Scout Team Kielce with the Polish Scout Association.
  2. Support the work of the people engaged in:
    • Reactivating and cultivating of the traditions of the Polish Cavalry with particular emphasis on the traditions and customs of the 13th Vilnius Cavalry Regiment;
    • Maintaining national tradition, Polish culture and national, civic and cultural consciousness;
    • Science, education and upbringing of young people;
    • Tourism and recreation for children and adolescents;
    • Generalization of knowledge and skills for State defense;
    • Generalization of theoretical knowledge and achievements of the Polish cavalry and reconstructing movement, tradition and history of the Polish Army and military service;
    • Promoting and encouraging the idea of ​​historical and modern cavalry;
    • Promoting, developing and publishing books on the Polish Cavalry.
  3. Undertaking activities to help handicapped children and young people or affected by the disease through:
    • Providing therapeutic activities and rehabilitation for children and youth, including primarily hippotherapy patients with various diseases and malformations;
    • Providing hippotherapy to the maximum number of patients that need it.
  4. Providing assistance and support for the Polish people and youth organizations residing in the former Eastern Borderlands, by supporting the Polish culture, national traditions and raising money for these activities.

During the Independence Day celebration in 2006, the Squadron received a copy of our regimental banner founded by the Swietokrzyski Region society. Flag ceremony took place at the Independence Monument in Kielce, a historical place of pride all residents and the Home Army former soldiers of the city, and the initiators of its reconstruction. The monument refers to the memory of the legion of the city, where the legionaries fought several skirmishes with Russian soldiers.

Banner's godparents were: Isabela Borowska, a daughter of Admiral of the Navy, Michal Borowski, a graduate of the Art Department of the Stefan Batory University in Vilnius, the pupil of Professor Ferdinand Ruszczyc, the fiance of killed in the 2nd of September 1939, Lieutenant of the 13th Andrew Szamoty Cavalry Regiment, and Andrew Bohdanowicz, a nephew of Mary Bohdanowicz, one of the three godmothers of the original 13th Cavalry Regiment Banner.

Banner presented the Governor of the Świętokrzyski Region, Grzegorz Banas. Souvenir nails were hammered in the shaft of the flag, among others: the Vice Prime Minister late Przemyslaw Gosiewski, Grzegorz Banas, the President of Kielce, Wojciech Lubawski, the Deputy Director of the Joint Force Training Centre in Bydgoszcz, the late NATO, Gen Tadeusz Buk, the Chairman of the Cavalry Regiment Association from London, Maj Zbigniew Makowiecki, the Chief of the Polish Radio in Vilnius, late Jerzy Surwiło, daughters of Capt Grzegorz Cydzik from the 13th Vilnius Cavalry Regiment Janina Cydzik-Brzezinska and Zofia Miskiewicz. The flag was blessed by the Bishop of the Diocese of Kielce His Excellency, Rev. Kazimierz Ryczan.

Currently, there are over 60 people, including 26 lancers forming the cavalry sub-unit in the colors and with reference to the 13th Cavalry Regiment involved in the Foundation activity. Equipment and armament Squadron is in accordance with the rules of the Polish Cavalry of the Second Polish Republic, including the Tatar section with distinctive bunchuk, a symbol of Tatar Army. It is a memorial after the 13th Vilnius Cavalry Regiment, which until 1939 served the citizens of Polish nationality Tatar. Formal rights to cultivate their tradition, the Squadron received at the XIX Congress of the Cavaliers of the Second Polish Republic Poland in Grudziadz, on 19 August 2007, at the hands of the Chairmen Association of Polish Tatars - Selim Chazbijewica and Jerzy Szachuniewicz. It happened on the 70th Anniversary of passing the bonchuk from the Tartar community of the Polish Republic to the Lancers of the 1st Squadron of our patron.

The replica of banchuk which 65 years earlier the 13th Cavalry Regiment received from Marshal Jozef Pilsudski was passed to the Squadron on the 3rd of May 2009, during the celebration of the anniversary of the Constitution of May 3. The following persons took place in the ceremony: Governor of the Świętokrzyski Region, Bozentyna Palka Koruba and Deputy Governor Piotr Zoladek. The founder of the bunchak was the Kielce Trade Fair Ltd.

Since the 11th of November 2010, the Honorary Chiefs of the 13th Vilnius Cavalry Regiment Volunteer Cavalry Squadron Kielce have been: Governor of the Swiętokrzyski Region, Bozentyna Palka Koruba, Marshal of the Swietokrzyski Province, Adam Jarubas and the Mayor of Kielce, Wojciech Lubawski.

The Squadron operates the historic section - Knightly Banner Marshal of the Swietokrzyski Region, horse harness and hussar armor from the eighteenth century, and the Medieval Polish Riders and legionary cavalrymen section from the years 1914-1916. These sections organize shows of cavalry skills throughout the country, presenting a high level of trained horses and riders.

In addition to the main statutory goals, the Foundation has already performed educational programs implementing in kindergartens and schools for sixth years, by organizing a lesson of living history, such as "ENCOUNTERS WITH HISTORY OR POLISH PATRIOTISM" It also organizes training courses for school banners from Kielce and the Świętokrzyski province, as well as the support to the Poles living in Lithuania, especially in Vilnius and Nowa Wilejka - pre-war garrison of our patron. The Foundation deals with the press release of historical additions to the daily newspaper "Echo of the Day", issued on the occasion of important state anniversaries.

Members of the Squadron and the historical section have a large collection of the Polish Army weapons and equipment replica, collection of books and iconography of the era. The Volunteer Cavalry Cadets School for young men aged 16-19 and Cavalry Training Centre will be opened soon.

The Foundation works closely with many well-known in Poland and appreciated The Cavalry Societies, The Swiętokrzyskie Voivodeship, The Marshal Office, The City Hall in Kielce, The Board of Education in Kielce, The Military Training Centre for Peace Support Operations in Kielce, and with many well-recognized authorities of culture and politics.

Our Allies in the service of the Reborn Cavalry include: former Commander of the Land Forces Gen Waldemar Skrzypczak, Commander of the 21st Podhale Riflemen Brigade Gen Tomasz Bak, Commander of the Military Training Centre for Peace Support Operations Col. Janusz Falecki, Leslaw Kukawski, the Foundation for the Polish CavalryTtradition of Grudziadz, Militaris Polonia Foundation of Warsaw, the Association of Cavalry Regiments of in London and Kielce Trade Fairs Ltd. (organizer of the International Defence Industry Exhibition). The Foundation is one of the structures of the Federation of Voluntary Cavalry, based in Warsaw. Our foundation  is supervised by the Ministry of Defence. We have been cooperating with local media, newspaper "Echo of the Day" Kielce Branch of the Polish Television, the Polish Radio Kielce and Internet Television Kielce for many years.

We hope that these few minutes devoted to this text, allowed the reader to understand the concept of what was intended and is still current idea for the creators of the Kielce formation of cavalry, the only one in Poland proud to have right to continue the tradition of fighting one of the oldest Polish Cavalry regiments of the Second Polish Republic which was 13. Cavalry Regiment from New Wilejka Vilnius.

Robert Mazur, Mariusz Kowalski



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